Keep Yourself

by Marshall Granger

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KEEP YOURSELF is a snapshot album, meaning it was written almost entirely in the span of one week to reflect a very specific mental place. These songs are meant to collectively embody a meditation on loneliness, but most importantly, addressing and identifying oneself in the face of loneliness.

More thoughts can be found in a PDF attached to the full album download, where you will also receive a music video and 2 bonus tracks. All absolutely free of charge. Please just enjoy.


released July 13, 2014

Songs written and composed by Marshall Granger
with the exception of bonus track "400 Lux", written by Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor

Cover photo by Ellen Kuntz



all rights reserved


Marshall Granger Missoula, montana

i do this to keep warm, keep sane, keep myself.

i'll play in your living room, even your bathroom.

sounds better anyway.


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Track Name: Of Home
Clicked their bats on chain link fences
Squinting at the afternoon

We only walked in the middle of the street
so we are not out of tune

She took her shirt off by the water tower
Her skin looked like the moon

Red and blue lights through your backseat window
Through the walls of your bedroom

Great big hole in the bathroom mirror
Staring right back at you
Track Name: Alone, Together
Turn out the lights
Hug your pillow tight
Your lover is asleep at home

Wish her good morning
And for brighter days
All from the comfort of your phone

Your voice is well read
From deep down in my head
I think I’ve captured your perfect tone

Don’t be afraid, it’ll all be fine
As long as you know

We’re alone, together
Together we are alone

We make plans to see
Each other faces
Touch our bodies somewhere down the road

'Til then I’ll sit here
Knowing your there
And feel just fine all on my own

But that road’s not two ways
And i’m sorry to say
This bird just may have flown

I am afraid, it’s not all fine
Because now it’s set in stone

We’re alone together
Together, we are alone

And I could love you from a thousand miles
And I’m sure I’ll see you in a while
C’mon baby just give me a smile
We’ve got distance but we still have heart
Track Name: Singular > Single
She is reaching out the window
Barely out of your reach
She went and changed the tempo
Now your stepping on your own feet

"I am singular not single"
She says through her teeth
You wanted things to be so simple
And now they’re about to be

Your face turns and curls
With the rings in your coffee
She is shaking your foundation
And you are shaking at the knees

Singular not single
All she needs to be
The only things that are simple
Are too difficult to read
Track Name: Other Spirits
Scratching lines in the table
In between the marks from the past
Like drunken hieroglyphics
People living like its their last

Do you want to go out tonight
I think the moon is supposed to be red
If i stay in this room any longer
I’ll be seeing it black instead.

I'm holding onto spirits
No you don’t want to go near it
I am trying my best to fend for myself

She said she wanted to be a shaman
Drink tea from mystic vines
And i just stared at the ceiling
Yeah, she said i get that all the time

I believe in your spirits
No matter how much i hear it
I am better off fending for myself

Why are you so heartbroken?
You know nothing is meant to last
This life is bigger than you
Don’t push it away so fast

She said, "I pray for your spirits"
That they're up there
And not stepped on to hell
She said, "Nobody, nobody fends for themselves"
Track Name: Late Night Programming
Black holes are waiting in the night sky
Hanging low, through your blinds
The back of my neck, a field of pines
I left the room when heart beats declined

Four in the morning in our hometown
Call you up, see if you're around
Help me forget all these awful sounds
Make me remember why I'm here right now

And I talk my way to you in the dark
Close your eyes, crush your heart
I talk my way to you in the dark
Take my hands, fix my heart

The dogs next door always barked too loud
The same old sick, ferocious sounds
Out here in the night, it all comes out
When you say goodbye, I stare into the ground

You know I didn't really care about him
Just kicked the dust until we both caved in
You know I am not here to be the spark or flint
This is nothing but cheap medicine
Track Name: Dead Partners
We used to crowd in basements
And dodge the streetlights
Not that we were hiding
Just waiting 'til the time was right

I was screaming at rooftops
That you would drive by
As though they could understand
I was searching for my mind

I think it was Joe who first declared
That our town was haunted
And not by the ghosts that scare
But of memories nearly forgotten

Since time moves like jet fuel
And we are stuck in the fire
I am resurrecting the faded ones
from the pile

Tonight i’m singing with my dead partners
Howling through the night
We maintain that freeing darkness
And push our weight against the light